Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Heatmiser - Mic City Sons (1996)

Great album from the band Elliott Smith was in before he went solo. (Actually, Roman Candle was released before this album, but whatever) Not to devalue Heatmiser, they're a great band and well worth checking out. Smith and Neil Gust wrote most of the songs on this album, and Gust's songs stand up to Smith's pretty well. They trade vocal duties, too. I'd say more but I've got a terrible fucking cold and it's 1:15 AM. Sorry. Anyway, check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Heatmiser - Mic City Sons

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Take It From The Man! (1996)

I figured it's only fitting to have the first post be the band that I got the name of the blog from. The Brian Jonestown Massacre are an insane psych-rock group that rambled around during the 90's, getting into fights at gigs and releasing great fucking music. This is Take It From The Man!, an album which sounds like it could have come directly out of the mid 1960's. Gets a bit slow in the middle, but returns to kick you in the balls at the end. Give it a spin.

Take It From The Man!

I Don't Know Where I'm Going, But I'm Pretty Sure This Van Is Moving

I got tired of being pigeonholed into just a few genres on my old blog, so I started this one, where I can post whatever I want. Expect a lot of different stuff. For those of you just coming on board, please keep your seat backs and trays in their locked and upright position, it'll only hurt for a second.